Cyber Bullying

In light of recent media that’s gone viral on school bullying, I thought it only made sense to expose cyber bullying as a real concept. In school it is direct face to face contact and conversation, but online bullying is actually more intricate because you can have one bully or more but no mediator and no witnesses. Anything can be said and passed as factual or atleast put in black and white for others to decide. Coupled with real life mental disorders it takes on the form of a new kind of beast.

No one expected this from a seemingly 21 year old normal girl on the outside, but inside, years of bad parenting coupled with bipolar disorder and many years of drug usage in developing years, Alyssa Gale Russell also known as Alyssa Farkas has been resilient. Stalking women on Instagram and trying to expose them for whatever reason only exposed her true colors. She was stalking men from wealthy families, drugging them and black mailing them with videos she would take after they were drugged. She exposed her boyfriend online for selling drugs when they got in a fight and was arrested in Montgomery country Texas for assault with bodily injury. Alyssa is embarrassed to be from the small city in Texas, Conroe; she had invented a fake life and an alter ego who were of a better stature pretending her boyfriend’s mother’s car was hers and disappearing for days at a time into her alter ego. She has admitted to posting people online and going as far as photoshopping pictures to make them look worse and fake captioning made up Instagram accounts. She desperately needs help for her stalking addiction and a medical evaluation for the mental imbalances she is aware of having. Women like this appear normal when meeting them but prove to be menacing to society as a whole. There is an initiative to fund the research #prayforalyssa

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  1. Shay
    Shay · December 31, 2017 at 01:27:56 ·

    That b is nasty and makes fun of girls that try to model where she’s a wannabe model herself
    She honestly makes no sense and needs to be medicated because her brain is disfunctional

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